Tal Kogman


Position / Affiliation Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, “Innovation through tradition?”
Lecturer at Tel Aviv University, Program in Research of Child and Youth Culture, School of Culture Studies
Office Address Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv 6997801
Gilman Building, Room 454ב
Phone +972 (0)523848319
Email talkog@post.tau.ac.il
Website http://humanities.tau.ac.il/segel/talkog/?lang=he
Research Project Traditional and modern values in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Hebrew language textbooks for children and young people


Tal Kogman is a lecturer in the master’s program for Research into Child and Youth Culture at Tel Aviv University. Her fields of specialization are the history of childhood education and culture, in particular children’s textbooks, as well as the Haskalah movement (Jewish Enlightenment) in German-speaking countries. Her research focuses on the conditions under which textbooks were produced and published in the eighteen and nineteen centuries in German-speaking countries and highlights the particular experiences of Jewish children and young people during the processes of Jewish modernisation.
Tal Kogman studied at the School of Education and the Department of Poetics & Comparative Literature at Tel Aviv University (BA with distinction), and at the School of Cultural Studies (MA). She has worked as a research fellow on several German-Israeli projects since 1993, and received the Posen Foundation scholarship for Jewish Studies (2009-2011).


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