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CFP Multilingual and Multicultural (Munich July 2020)

Follow up project: Tal Kogman (Tel Aviv University) and Evita Wiecki (LMU Munich) are organizing a Workshop exploring Hebrew and Yiddish Texts for Jewish Children and Youth, from 1880 through the 1920s

Here is the Call for Papers:

Between the two last decades of the 19th century and the end of the First World War, the system of texts for Jewish children changed dramatically. Children’s literature in Hebrew and Yiddish extended rapidly and included a wide variety of textbooks, short stories and novels, popular science texts, tales and poems. Publishing houses were established, mostly in Eastern Europe, which worked to expand the variety of texts for Jewish children in Hebrew as well as in Yiddish, such as TushiyaAchiasafMoriahCentralProgres, Bikher far ale, and Kletskin. New magazines for Jewish children and booklet series were also initiated, such as Olam KatonHa-chaim Ve-hatevaMayselekh, Farn kleynem oylem and Grininke beymelekh. Thus, children’s literature included original writings, adaptations and translations.

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