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“Civilizing the other and civilizing the self” – Simone Lässig at Yale‘s Jewish History Colloquium

Simone Lässig presented her recent research on nineteenth-century German-Jewish history at Yale‘s Jewish History Colloquium on May 2nd, 2017.

Her talk “Civilizing the other and civilizing the self: Religion, social knowledge, and cultural practices in Jewish sermons of the early 19th century” looked at the work of preachers and rabbis such as Eduard Kley, Gotthold Salomon and Salomon Pleaser and highlighted the importance of sermons and religious speeches as a means of guiding and educating in times of fundamental social and cultural change.

Hamburg: Eduard Kley, Gotthold Salomon, Naftali Frankfurter.
B. A. Bendixen, crayon lithograph. Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte