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“Religious Knowledge in Historical Perspective” and a new blog on the History of Knowledge

Kerstin von der Krone just published a short piece on the AHA session entitled  “The Dynamics of Religious Knowledge: Resilience and Innovation in the Face of Modernity,” which she organized jointly with Simone Lässig, on a new blog recently launched by the German Historical Institute (GHI).

The History of Knowledge blog and its associated research project are part of a new focus at the GHI following the appointment of Simone Lässig as director. The blog aims to serve as a venue for the exchange of ideas and information on the history of knowledge and will feature the research of the Innovation through Tradition? group, in particular as this group addresses religious knowledge in historical perspective.

Kerstin von der Krone offers some thoughts on the AHA session:

[su_quote cite=”Kerstin von der Krone @histknowledge” url=”″]My year began with a session at the 131st Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association on “the dynamics of religious knowledge” in the modern era, a panel I organized with Simone Lässig. The three papers—presented by Anthony Steinhoff, Jana Tschurenev, and myself—approached developments in religious knowledge as manifestations of social and cultural change in the long nineteenth century. The studies explored a variety of religious groups in a broad array of historical configurations, from nineteenth-century Jewish religious education to the multireligious setting of Alsace Lorraine after 1870 and anticaste and feminist critiques of Hinduism in colonial India. Simone Lässig served as chair and provided a short introduction on knowledge as an object and category of historical analysis, drawing on her recent article in the Bulletin of the German Historical Institute. David M. Luebke took on the task of commenting on the three case studies from the perspective of an Early Modernist. His thoughtful and inspiring remarks highlighted points at which the three papers intersected.[/su_quote]

Session at the Annual Meeting of the AHA – Denver, January 5-8, 2017

Simone Lässig and Kerstin von der Krone attended the 131st Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, which took place in Denver on January 5-8, 2017.

Together they oragnized the session “The Dynamics of Religious Knowledge: Resilience and Innovation in the Face of Modernity”, which explored religious knowledge as a signifier for the transformation of social and cultural orders on the threshold of modernity. Three papers — presented by Anthony Steinhoff (University du Québec à Montreal)Jana Tschurenev (Göttingen University) and Kerstin von der Krone — focused on different religious groups and regions between the early nineteenth and twentieth century and addressed changes in religious semantics and practices as well as the importance of the familiar in the struggle to navigate socio-cultural change. David M. Luebke (University of Oregon) served as commentary and Simone Lässig chaired the session.