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Workshop “Jewish Educational Media and Cultural Translations” – Program

FlyerCollage1-1024x862The workshop Jewish Educational Media and Cultural Translations, organized by the Georg Eckert Institute and to be held on May 5-6, 2015, in Braunschweig, aims to bring together scholars from the fields of history and educational history, Jewish studies and cultural studies to inspire and stimulate discussion on the concept of cultural translation. The workshop will present initial findings of the German-Israeli research project Innovation through tradition? Approaching cultural transformations during the Sattelzeit via Jewish educational media and give insights into related projects, and will hopefully serve as a forum for a lively discussion on the value of Jewish educational media as sources for research in the history of cultural transformation. We hope to increase our understanding of acts of cultural translation between tradition and innovation, and of the dissolution and (re)formation of cultural boundaries, and thus generate new knowledge which may hold significance far beyond the area on which the project is focusing, that of research on Central European Jewish history in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries drawing on the history of Jewish education and educational media as key sources.

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