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Jewish Educational Media in Tel Aviv, June 2014

jbm_telaviv_2014_1The Israeli and German researchers of the DFG-research project „Innovation through Tradition?“ met for the first time at Tel Aviv University for a two-days workshop on June 8-9, 2014. They dealt with a number of questions related to the entire research project including the further development of the project during the initial funding period of two years and conceptional and practical questions regarding a collaborative project database. Furthermore the group discussed the projects of Tal Kogmann, Kerstin von der Krone and Andreas L. Fuchs. [more images]

First Meeting of Israeli and German researchers

On June 8-9, 2014 the Israeli and German researchers will meet for a workshop at Tel Aviv University. The meetings are not only intended to introduce the researchers to each other, to discuss the leading questions of the project and the respective sub-projects but also to elaborate the further development of the project including plans for a workshop in 2015.

The German researchers will furthermore use the opportunity to visit Israeli archives and libraries which provide access to a wide range of sources crucial to their projects.


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